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Car Accidents

Since Henry Ford first began mass-producing the horseless carriage, driving has steadily become the primary mode of transportation for millions of Americans. In Texas, residents seem to spend more time in their cars than ever before. With so much time on the road, car accidents seem inevitable. We pass fender-benders every day on our freeways and suburban streets. Although some crashes prove minor, many motor vehicle collisions result in serious injuries and even fatalities. In many cases, these accidents are the result of driver distraction or recklessness. Between substance abuse, cell phone use, and speeding, dangerous driving behaviors put people at constant risk. If you have been injured in a car, motorcycle, or truck accident, we can help. Please contact our car accident lawyers today.personal injury attorneys

Truck and Motorcycle Accidents
SUV Rollovers
Road Defects
Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

Serious truck, motorcycle, and car accidents are incredibly prevalent. As more and more heavyweight trucks flood the roads, they present an increasing danger to the drivers of passenger cars.

Motorcyclists contribute to a significant percentage of all traffic-related injuries and fatalities. Three-quarters of all motorcycle accidents involve collisions with passenger vehicles, and the primary reason for collision is the failure of motorists to see the motorcyclist. Motorcycle accidents occur most frequently at intersections when other drivers violate the rider’s right-of-way or other traffic laws.

If you or a member of your family have been the victim of a truck, motorcycle, or car accident, get in touch with the lawyers at our firm today. Our Law Office accepts cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not get paid if you don’t win your case. We will fight for your rights and do everything possible to make sure you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

SUV Rollovers

In recent years, SUVs, or “Sport Utility Vehicles,” have become increasingly popular. Many families have traded in their minivans for large SUVs that can transport kids and trailers with ease. Unfortunately, SUVs do not always provide the same level of passenger safety as smaller vehicles. When an SUV proves to be inordinately top-heavy or otherwise unstable, it can be at a higher risk for rollovers.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the car designers and manufacturers to take into account the high rollover capability of SUVs and to make them with appropriate safeguards against rollover car accidents. However, there are many SUVs on the roads today that isn’t reasonably protected from rolling over. When an SUV rollover is the result of the vehicle’s dangerous design, our car accident lawyers can sue the responsible party under product liability law.

If you or a loved one has been in an SUV rollover, the car accident lawyers at our firm can build a case for you. For a free case review, please contact our Law Office right away.

Road Defects

The Lone Star State may have more miles of highway than any other state, but that doesn’t mean they’re in good condition. Indeed, a new study suggests they’re actually pretty lousy. In a comparison of road conditions in all 50 states, Texas ranked the 17th worst in the U.S., according to research from consumer news website Consumer Affairs. Even more frightening, safety experts estimate that dangerous and defective roads are responsible for many fatal car accidents. The risk to motorists is extremely high due to the terrible condition of our streets and freeways.accident attorneys

Some of the most common accident-causing road defects include:

Obstacles in the road
Defective or broken medians
Narrow lanes and shoulders
Too few lanes
Poor road markings
Inadequate traffic signals

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If you or a family member have been involved in a road defect-related car accident, please consult our lawyers today. We’ll review the facts of your case and begin working on your behalf as soon as possible.

Most Common Causes For Car Accidents

According to the Texas State Department of Motor Vehicles, there were over 73,000 crashes in one year. There can be any number of reasons for car accidents, but one of the most common car accident causes is driver mistake. The emotional and physical toll that car accidents can have on victims and their families can be tremendous. M ore info here @

Other factors such as improperly placed road signs, badly designed roadways and motor vehicle defects can play a role in car accidents too. Whatever the cause, motor vehicle accidents can have major legal and medical consequences for all involved. That is why it is important for those who have been injured or lost a loved one because of a car accident to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.
car accident attorneys
Insurance carriers are not always on the side of accident victims. Call us today to speak to a Texas car accident lawyer who can work to ensure that you receive just compensation for your injuries.

Common Car Accident Causes

Given the number of people traveling city streets at any given moment, vehicle accidents are almost inevitable. Under the law, whenever a crash is caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness, the injured parties may be able to receive compensation from those responsible.

Common car accident causes in the city and throughout the state include:

Texting while driving: Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. As technology moves forward, the number of driver distractions increase. Texting while driving can cause drivers to be inattentive to the roadway conditions and their surroundings.
Drunk driving accidents: Unfortunately, driver impairment plays a role in many accidents. Drivers who choose to operate vehicles while they are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are putting themselves and others at risk. Intoxicated drivers can have a hard time focusing on their driving, which can lead to slower reaction times.
Reckless driving: A person’s chances of being involved in a car accident can increase dramatically if he or she is driving in an unsafe or reckless manner. Rubbernecking, speeding, tailgating – these are all examples of reckless driving that could lead to major accidents.
Side-impact collisions: Also known as T-bone collisions, side-impact collisions can be some of the most dangerous kinds of car accidents. Although they can occur anywhere, they tend to take place at intersections. Side-impact collisions can cause severe injuries and substantial property damage.
Head-on collisions: Head-on collisions can change people’s lives forever. The injuries that can result from such accidents can be debilitating or even fatal. Beyond the physical and emotional trauma, head-on collisions can lead to substantial property damage as well.
Those who have been involved in accidents due to one of the above-mentioned scenarios are strongly advised to seek legal guidance as soon as possible because timing is very important when trying to pursue a claim for damages.

The Law As It Pertains To Car Accidents

Under Texas’s accident laws, those who have suffered injuries due to any one of the common car accident causes may be eligible for compensation if they can prove that they’ve incurred “serious” injuries or their damages are over $50,000.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, you don’t have to deal with the case on your own. Help is available. Call us right away to schedule a consultation with a local attorney. Click here @

Have You Been Injured in an Accident – Medical Bills are Piling Up

Unfortunately, when someone is injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, there is no guarantee medical bills will be covered by the other driver’s car insurance company.

And if cases where the injured person does receive some monies, it may turn out that he / she was not justly compensated. It’s no secret that Insurance companies and their legal teams are well versed on how to minimize settlements claims when there are bodily injuries.personal injury lawyers

Victims of a car accident are at a decided disadvantage if they attempt to challenge an insurance company without a car accident lawyer at their side. You may not even realize that the insurance company is taking advantage of you.

Car accident lawyers in your state will know the law. They can explain the facts in a clear and supportive manner. They will have a good idea how much your case is worth.Having a skillful car attorney gives you more leverage during negotiations than you would on your own.

If they feel that you have a case, they will ultimately help you recover the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

Do Not Hire a Car Accident Lawyer if Your Injuries are Minor.

Most car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. When the case is finished, they take a percentage (usually between 30% to 40%) of your settlement. In addition the plaintiff (you) will also be responsible for paying all court-related fees like filing costs and copying expenses.

Reputable car accident lawyers will not accept a client who has suffered only minor injuries since they could not justify the legal costs involved. In fact, if you live in a no-fault state, you are not even able to sue the other driver unless your accident-related expenses are above a certain amount.

In addition, the circumstances under which you can file a car accident injury claim in no-fault states, vary state to state. You can still receive some type of compensation from your own insurance company if your accident-related expenses do not reach the state’s no-fault threshold. No-fault states permit each driver’s insurance companies to pay for the costs of the accident to their own client without having to prove the other driver was at fault.accident injury attorneys

What is No-fault Auto Insurance?

The no-fault auto insurance system is intended to lower the cost of automobile insurance by taking small claims out of the courts. Each no-fault insurance company compensates its own policyholder, referred to as the first party, for the cost of minor injuries, no matter who was at fault in the cause of the accident.Learn more here.

Do Consider Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer if….

You and the other driver are in dispute over who was at fault. Can you prove you were significantly injured and can you prove the other driver is to blame?
The other involved driver was uninsured or underinsured.
You sustained serious injuries with possible long-term consequences that would impact complete recovery.
You feel pressured by the insurance claims adjuster to agree to a quick settlement. Many times impulsive decisions along with complicated insurance jargon in the settlement agreement can lead to a disaster for the victim.
You feel you’re not being adequately compensated for your current and potentially future medical costs resulting from injuries sustained in the car accident.
You’re concerned that your state’s statutes of limitation laws may become effective before you can challenge the settlement claim. The period of time allowed traffic accident victims to report an accident / crash vary state to state. Not reporting a car accident in a timely manner could limit your ability to collect compensation for injuries and other damages.
Our knowledgeable car accident attorneys will provide valuable advice about whether to sue or to just follow through with the insurance claim.

If you believe that the car accident justifies a lawsuit, we advise you to take pictures of the accident not necessarily at the time of the accident, but later return to the scene to take them or have a friend do it if you are incapacitated due to injuries. Make copies of all documents related to bills from the property damage of your car. Make copies also of your medical bills, etc. While being examined by your physician, let him / her know that you were involved in a car accident. Request copies from your medial professionals of such images as MRI, X-rays etc. that were taken due to your injuries. Document all expenses for ongoing treatments and / or physical therapies. Note the number of days and amount of wages lost from work due to the car accident. Finally, make copies of all correspondence with your insurance company that is related to the accident. All these auto accident details will help your car accident lawyer make a stronger case.personal injury law

Date and time that the auto accident occurred.
Your name, driver’s license number, and car insurance policy number.
Names, driver’s license numbers, and car insurance company names of other drivers and passengers involved in the auto accident.
Weather conditions at the time of the accident
Location of the car accident.
Copies of police report, in addition to any other reports filed.
Duplicates of traffic tickets written at the accident scene.
Was either driver charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) offense?